Agency Management

Agency Management
Saving you time, saving you trouble

Many organisations choose, for good reasons, to work with more than one recruitment specialist. It’s a situation, though, which can result in an avoidably high workload for any HR department. Being contacted frequently by different agencies, many of whom won’t be up-to-speed with your current recruitment picture, can be a real hassle.

At Alexander Lort, many of our clients ask us to be their principle consultancy, and centralise all their agency contact. The benefits are substantial:

  • No duplication of candidates
  • A single price structure
  • Standardised presentation of candidates
  • Major savings in liaison time
  • Objective ranking of candidates skills and organisational match
  • We’re in the loop about which positions are currently available
  • We maintain a master interview diary

If agency management causes you headaches, talk to us about simplifying the entire process.