Altmann silenced in pension minister role

Posted by | July 22, 2016 | News

Baroness Ros Altmann has likened her time as pensions minister to being “in detention” and believes leaving government will allow her to be more influential.

Speaking to the Jewish Chronicle Altmann said she was not allowed to speak to the media saying that: “The instructions I had were: ‘If any journalist phones you; then they are always out to trick you and trap you’.”

She added: “Now and again I was very naughty, and I would actually speak to a journalist and take the consequences because I thought: ‘Stuff it, I have had enough of this’.

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“But then you get called in to see the Secretary of State. It’s like being in school, like being in the naughty corner or detention.”

Altmann hopes to be able to discuss pensions issues in a more open and honest manner now that she has left government as well as helping mould appropriate policy while sitting in the House of Lords.

“As I said to the Prime Minister, I am not going anywhere. I am still in the Lords and I am still offering to help. I can help as long as legislation goes through, to try and move it in a better direction, lead debates and ask the right questions.

“At least I can say what I think and I am not being silenced in government.”

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