Change and transformation management

Transforming the workplace
Managing change

Any organisation now has to be in a state of near permanent change if it is survive and succeed. Many staff thrive on change, others find it harder to adapt.

At Alexander Lort, we’re used to helping you manage the personnel aspects of change. It’s a widespread subject, and one difficult to cover fully on a web page, because so much depends on the nature and extent of the transformation which needs to take place. Some, but by no means all, of the factors we can help you implement are:

  • Communication. Make sure everybody involved understands the reasons for and the results of the change proposals – both the downside and the upside.
  • Coaching. People will be taking on new responsibilities. Don’t throw them in the deep end, unsupported. We’ll help you put in place support programmes to ensure they succeed. And what’s true for individuals is true for teams. Team coaching is also available if required.
  • Task definition. As transformation happens, the tasks required to be performed can change radically. By defining tasks at the outset, we can help you keep change on track, and not be corrupted by task drift.
  • Organisational structures. In true transformation scenarios, it’s not only individuals and teams that have to change, but the way that the entire organisation relates to itself, and its stakeholders. New structures are needed, new control and reporting mechanisms, new internal and external synapses. We’ll help you define and codify these.

Because every change process is individual, there’s much more to managing change than we’ve hinted at above. It’s an area where we’re expert. Ask us for advice.