Contingency Search

The effective way to fill vacancies of any level

Contingency Search is a great way of finding new talent at mid to lower levels in your organisation, when time pressure is less urgent. Contingency search often applies when a client is interested to meet good candidates for a specified role, at any time.

At Alexander Lort we have a carefully maintained database of those in the financial sector who would welcome a move to new positions in other organisations.

Our database is kept active by inclusion of second or third choice candidates from assignments recently carried out, by submissions from our website and by advertisement response from candidates who were good, but not a close match for the advertised job.

Typically, our involvement with you on a contingency search assignment will include:

  • Understand and appreciate your organisation’s culture
  • Work with you to develop a full role profile for the positions to be filled
  • Codify the profile as a database query and run against existing and newly input job candidates on our database
  • Make telephone contact with potential applicants to establish whether a good match exists
  • On an ongoing basis, forward you CVs and our evaluations of potential candidates
  • Organise first and second interviews as required, briefing and debriefing candidates and yourselves
  • Make offer to the persons selected, negotiating package, start date, etc as necessary.