Interim Management

Interim Management
Solving time-limited problems

Sometimes, it’s unavoidable that you lose the services of a key executive unexpectedly. Alternatively, you could be running a project where an experienced manager is critical during the early phases, but won’t be justified longer-term. Perhaps there’s a business crisis to resolve which needs different or extra skills. Maybe you’ve made an appointment, but the incoming executive has to serve an extended notice period. It’s in cases like these that interim management is the answer.

At Alexander Lort, we know many experienced executives actively looking for interim positions. And even if we don’t already know exactly the right person, we know where to look for them. Our interim management (IM) service offers many advantages:

  • Fast response. IMs can be working for you within a few days.
  • Ability. IMs are often over-qualified and are, effectively, stepping down a skill level or two. This gives them a broad range of expertise and experience and the ability to see the bigger picture. It also means that they can be a mentor and coach to others they work with. And they’re productive from day one.
  • Objectivity. IMs will be new to your organisation, able to look at any situation with fresh eyes, uncoloured by the historical baggage which might effect the ability of your own staff to take on the role.
  • Results. An IM has a clear task definition to achieve, and the experience to achieve it. Used to working in or near the board room, they have the authority and the influence to drive achievement of their task.
  • Commitment. Being an IM is, nowadays, a career in itself. IMs are not just doing this until they find a ‘proper job’. Rather, they enjoy the challenge of working in different environments, tackling different problems and working with different people while achieving your and their objectives. And they’re fully aware that they’re only as successful as their last assignment!