Priority Search

The effective way to fill vacancies of any level

Priority Search is a great way to fill one or more vacancies at any level in your corporate structure, when the skills and experience required are not uncommon in your sector of the financial industry. It is best used when positions must be filled in a short-to-medium time frame and need thorough candidate assessment.

Usually we advertise priority research positions in national or specialist publications, and online through our own website and other specialist sites. Your organisation’s name may or may not appear, depending on your wishes.

Typically, our involvement with you on a retained search assignment will include:

  • Understand and appreciate your organisation’s culture
  • Work with you to develop a full role and candidate profile
  • Develop the profile into a job advertisement and select the media to be used
  • Place advertising, handle responses, identify good candidates and initiate preliminary screenings
  • Conduct initial interviews by phone, followed by personal interview for the better candidates
  • Provide a list of suitable candidates supported by CVs and our interview assessments
  • Brief and de-brief both you and the candidate before and after each interview
  • Work with you to draw up a shortlist
  • Arrange second and subsequent interviews, briefing and debriefing
  • Make offer to the person selected, negotiate the package, start date, etc as necessary