Recruitment Services

The right way to find the right people

How we help you recruit depends on the role to be filled. We use three main recruitment methods:

  • Retained Search 
    Used when you have an urgent, critical role to fill and are looking for very specific skills and talents among a small domain of individuals that are probably not active job seekers.
  • Priority Search 
    Used when you need a cost-effective way to fill multiple vacancies, or build teams for new projects, or meet aggressive hiring plans.
  • Contingency Search 
    Used as talent-spotting service when you’re interested to assess job seekers that meet your criteria, but when you don’t have urgent or specific roles to fill.

As well as recruitment, Alexander Lort can help you manage your human resource in other ways:

  • Interim Management
    Used when a role is short term, for example when an appointee has a long notice period to serve, when executives are on extended leave, or during restructuring.
  • Temporary Placements
    Used for holiday cover, when building teams for short-term projects, or to meet workload peaks.
  • Agency Management
    Used when you have multiple recruitment agencies submitting candidates and want to centralise and standardise the initial assessment, submission and interview process.
  • Not just recruitment
    As well as recruitment we provide other services to support HR management in the financial sector. There are too many services to list here – visit our support pages.