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Compliance and Risk

Operational risk management over the last 10 years within the financial services industry has become one of the biggest concerns organisations face. As a result of technological advancements, organisations have grown in both size and also have become increasingly complex, developing multifaceted networks of products and services. These networks present both opportunities and challenges for companies to overcome, both internal and external. If companies are to avoid incurring losses from operational risks the Issues must be managed correctly

Inadequate processes, inefficient hardware and failure of existing systems can cripple operations. Communication breakdowns, employee error, cybercrime, political upheaval and fraud also present potential risks.

Financial institutions (FIs) must have processes in place to deal with such risks and nurture the right approach. An FI’s attitude toward and relationship with risk has a significant bearing on its ability to generate revenue. It influences behaviour, which has both intended and unintended consequences. Moreover, risk considerations can determine an FI’s business model, strategy and culture. Recruiting the right people to manage this risk has become more difficult as the demand for talent is high. Alexander Lort can help solve these hiring challenges for your organisation.